Saturday 19th 19.30-21


Belonging in the USA:
The Story of Alicia & Antonio

Show the first 30 minutes of our newest rough cut “Belonging in the USA: The Story of Alicia & Antonio” documentary and do a q&a/get some audience feedback. Filmed in Chicago, LA, & New Jersey in 2018, the second film in the Belonging series features the life stories of poet, political activist, and professor Alicia Partnoy and her filmmaker, activist husband Antonio Leiva  both political refugees forced into exile after being imprisoned and tortured for their social justice work during Argentina's "Dirty War" of the 1970s.  Their story is one of the triumph of the human spirit over circumstances, love over hate, and joy over oppression.

Thursday 17th 18-19

CSP Streets of Life
by Roger Stebbins

CSP Streets of Life is about an army veteran dealing with P.T.S.D and tramitic brain injury and child abuse issues. He self medicates and then has to try and get clean and sober, using the 12 step program. He also gets help through making music and sharing with friends.

Friday 14th 23-24

Ian Ruskin
To Begin the World Over Again: the Life of Thomas Paine

To present excerpts from the film of my play "To Begin the World Over Again: the Life of Thomas Paine" about America's one truly radical Founding Father, followed by a Q&A.

Friday 18th 20.30–22

Riku Turpeinen

Riku Turpeinen’s program will include talk about mental health stigma and making music. Riku will also perform festival songs together with other songs from him with other musicians.

Saturday 19th 21–22

Uusi Laine

Uusi Laine esittää kokoelman parhaita pätkiä keikoiltaan. Otosten lomassa yhtyeen jäsenet kertovat menneistä vuosista, nykytilanteesta ja tulevaisuudensuunnitelmistaan.

Wednesday 16th 19.30-20

Soundz of the South

"Hard times require furious dancing"  


—Alice Walker Soundz of the South will do a 20 -30 minutes curation and creation of joy, movement, music in times of  COVID. The piece will feature musical iterations of uprisings on the following themes from the pespective of marginalised south Africans:


- Police Brutality

- Precarious work, lockdowns in times of COVID19

- Feminist alternatives to patriarchy and femicide

Wednesday 16th


Olen joensuulainen 25-vuotias räppäri Pure. Erityisosaamistani on improvisoitu- eli freestyle-rap. Olen kyseisen lajin Suomen mestari vuodelta 2016. Keikkani pitävät sisällä tätä freestyleä, johon yleisö pääsee vaikuttamaan antamalla minulle IHAN MITÄ TAHANSA aiheita, tavaroita tms. joista räppään siinä hetkessä. Se on siis kuin stand-up:ia, riimeillä! 

Freestylen lisäksi esitän omia kappaleita, jotka ovat energisiä potkivine biitteineen, joissa rytmiikan puolesta löytyy niin uudemman aallon trap-soundia kuin myös vanhemman koulukunnan boom bap:ia. Kappaleiden teemat ovat positiivisia ja hyvää fiilistä luovia, joiden myötä livessä on taattua energiaa! Minulta ilmestyi debyytti-EP "Passimies" toukokuussa 2020, jonka nimikkobiisi nousi Spotifyn Aitoa Suomiräppiä -soittolistalle. Esitys sisältää siis aivan uunituoreita biisejä!

Tuesday 15th

A stage without boundaries

What is a stage? When we think of going to watch a dance piece we think to walk into an auditorium, with a well defined stage and seats. But if you think how stage work evolved through history, it passed on from livingroom feasts to openair ancient theaters.  A stage can be anywhere you want it to be! This is a dance movie where mountain tops, to ancient theaters to the livingroom become the stage.

Monday 14th 20-21

Finnish Association of Native Language Teachers

Finnish Association of Native Language Teachers unites teachers of various languages being taught in schools in Finland to children, whose mother tongue is other than Finnish. About 21000 students from different municipalities all over Finland participate in these lessons, and about 60 different languages are being taught. The chairperson of the Association Larissa Aksinovits is going to present  the field and specific features of native language teachers' work.

Thursday 17th

Paola Livorsi

Catalysti would like to propose a video about the theme of power: the association will produce a group exhibition and festival in Cable Factory, Helsinki, on 2.-13.10.2020, called "2084":


"Drawing inspiration from George Orwell’s book 1984, the exhibition will aim to explore the question of how power can be explored as a future. Orwell’s novel narrates an imagined future in which society was controlled by the government leader known as Big Brother and the Thought Police. While the story was written in 1949, 35 years prior to 1984, the fictitious subject matter of the book was forward-thinking and it has, in many ways, become reality; think of today’s use of surveillance cameras, algorithms and fake news. However, despite the dire tone of the story, notions of love and activism were also present as integral forms of power.


The exhibition “2084” will explore these contrasts and be developed collectively with Catalysti artists through which we discuss, share, read, analyze and think about what power in the future could look like, sound like, and feel like together. Can we think beyond the contemporary forms of power, i.e., institutional power, physical or psychological power, to predict what the future will hold for us?"

Monday 14th 16-17

The Art of Facilitation:
To Be the Change and
the Changemaker

The Art of Facilitation To Be the Change and the Changemaker is based on the wisdom of famous thought leaders of different civilisations and our own experience of working with poor communities that spread to millions of women in India and to other countries in Africa.


We have been doing a residential course on the subject in Lucknow India for the last twenty years attended mostly by participants from Europe but also from Nepal, Sri Lanka, Ethiopia, Kenya and South Africa.

Monday 14th 19-19.30

Morris dancing -workshop

Morris dancing is an old form of street dance, originating in England in the 1400s. Over the years it has changed of course, and nowadays there are types of Morris that is performed by wheelchair participants, by children, and by everyone else. The workshop will give a very short introduction to the history of the style, and then a chance to practice two styles of dance: first with handkerchiefs and then with sticks, or in this workshop just a rolled-up newspaper. The emphasis is on rhythm and interaction.

Saturday 19th 19.30-21


Yoga and Meditation with Sue Darling Elivique

This special class will focus on as many people around the world gathering together,  to practice unity while generating positive, peaceful energy…and exploring our self from the inside.


When we  come together as one energy, bound in the company of peace and quiet we can direct our collective light to peace and positivity in our world.


Yoga is not a subject to understood intellectually but to be experience from the heart. Everyone is welcome regardless of age, ability, experience …don’t let anything stand in your way of join us to celebrate One Love. 🧡

Friday 19th 17.30-18.30


KeMuT on Kehitysvammatuki 57 ry:n vuosittain järjestämä kulttuuritapahtuma, jossa esiintyvät muusikot, esiintyjät ja taiteilijat, joilla on kehitysvamma. Ensimmäiset KeMuT järjestettiin vuonna 1973, joten vuonna 2020 KeMuja vietettiin 48. kertaa.


7.3.2020, ennen koronarajoitusten alkamista, KeMuT keräsi Messukeskukseen noin 600 musiikin ja taiteen ystävää nauttimaan monipuolisista esityksistä. Lavalle nousivat Vanilla, Jutta & Jerry & Resonaarigroup, Konttoristi G, Sakari Leppänen, Pikku Kipinä, Meijän pojat, Juha Tapio Kärki, Flory Pambou, Teatteriryhmä Vautsi ja Tunneteatteri. Loppudiskosta vastasi DJ Sämpylä ja Nakki.


Tervetuloa fiilistelemään puolen vuoden takaisia tunnelmia KeMuT 2020-koosteen muodossa!

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