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The Strindberg Laboratory

Los Angeles, California, USA

The Strindberg Laboratory’s mission is to use the unique power of theater to support underserved individuals and communities on their paths of self-discovery, and to create and present powerful plays that connect audiences with their stories. Through this work, we seek to build bridges between people from vastly different backgrounds.

The Strindberg Laboratory operates mainly in the United States. A branch organization was established 2019 to Helsinki, Finland, as part of the international NLNW -movement.


Kukunori ry

Helsinki, Finland

Kukunori is an rooforganization for 32 member organizations. Our projects include Mental Beauty Records, Kävelyfutis for social exercise, and Propellipäät that develop a culture of action. Our newest project is the Kulttuurikongi, which aims to engage people in challenging life situations. We strive to develop a culture of work in the social and health sectors, to increase well-being and inclusion, and to counteract exclusion.


Major Supporters

The generous contributions from our supporters is extremely important to NLNW movement, it's members and individual persons. The dream of our movement is coming into reality, and it would not have been possible without your efforts. We would like to thank the following major support partners for their extensive contribution to our movement, member organizations and individuals.


Funding the Finnish Culture, Arts and Sports for benefit of Finnish nation.

Bundeskanzleramt Österreich

The Federal Chancellery
of Republic of Austria


Istituto Italiano di Cultura Helsinki

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All organizations above contributed to the Festival, witch was held in the Central Library Oodi, Helsinki, Finland at September 2019.