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We are stronger together: What we are learning in our weekly meetings, By Michael Bierman

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

When we first began this project with Kukunori “No Labels, No Walls” it came out of a realization that unless we all come to the table and form a community with No Labels and No Walls real lasting positive change could never happen. The problem we faced as a group and individuals is trying to find a way to create that community within a society that is so divided.

After our group created a list that expressed what we believed in and why we all needed to collaborate with one another we launched weekly meetings to create this community that would be an alternative to the status quo. Also in the weekly meetings we began to develop what will take place with our first shared action the “No Labels, No Walls” festival. We began each meeting we have held by listening and finding out from those attending what they wanted this community to become and how they hoped it would impact the rest of society. Also we wanted to find out what everyone wanted to contribute to the festival. We have held 3 weekly meetings so far and these meetings have really begun to form and shape what this festival will look like as well as what our movement hopes to become. Another great thing that came out of these weekly meetings are new connections forming between the groups members. This has resulted in shared projects that will take place in the festival and hopefully shared projects within this community after the festival ends.

We are so excited to see what other things will develop as this movement and our weekly meetings continue. We really hope you can join us every Wednesday at 5:30pm at Oodi and be a part of our festival because a world with No Labels, No Walls can change all of our lives for the better!

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