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We are proud to announce the No Labels No Walls + We Are One Festival 2020!

“Opening up for a creative celebration. Opening up to a world where everyone is equal and every single person matters. Opening up to a real change for the better is now or never.”

The 2nd annual No Labels No Walls + We Are One Festival will take place starting Monday September 14th through September 19th 2020. This is the first Festival that’s about all of us! This Festival invites citizens from all around the world to connect through Art, Culture and Action. We will have films, art, music, discussions and much much more! What do you want to create with us? All are welcome as we build unity and action to create stronger citizenship.

This year’s festival is digital and will be presented on-line through and through our network’s social media.

We invite you to participate in the festival, as producers, as artists, as experts, as spectators, as people! Open up! Come as you are and join the movement, because We Are One! Everyone is welcome to the Festival and it is completely free!

Please register to the festival as an contributor now:

The Festival is produced by No Labels No Walls and We Are One networks. The festival is coordinated by Kukunori in Helsinki, Finland, The Strindberg Laboratory in Los Angeles, USA and We Are One community in Glasgow, Scotland. The festival is part of the global CitizenFest -movement by Citizen Network.

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For more information:

Markus Vähälä

Kukunori ry


+358 50 346 101

Michael Bierman

The Strindberg Laboratory

United States

+1 714 310 5073

John Dalrymple & Frances Brown

We Are One


+44 77 65 246 345

Read more about the festival in Finnish:


Kukunori ry
Visiting addess: Malmin Raitti 17 B, Helsinki, Finland

Contact person:
Markus Vähälä

phone: +358 50 346 1011


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