Äänetön ääni

16th Wednesday


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Music by Äänetön ääni. The band performs four original songs.


Kind voices in peaceful time, i get relaxed
Friendly messages, Many kind of learning i listen gladly
Words, songs, phraises and hints i think with most care
When voices funny i enjoy them

With voices i feeling and sing, enjoy much
I comment and diskussioon hiding with a phone
Openly alone, rarely in public afraid of comments
Community of voices improve my life although kept secret from others

When voices get easier and describe your emotions
It is easy to be and tell others about them
Openly rhime stories
Popularity of persons are friedly because of open talk

Now i openly am sometimes discussing
Openly to voices with a grin
Persons don’t keep weird, although notes to you
Tell what they think about it with respect (repeatedly)


I am feeling and observing what suits me

Must to do is not work for me

Pause from work i have couple of years, i don’t have to do

Income is pension, sure money to get

If i get job i have to get certain money

KELA is merciless and ask you how much you earn

Pension bureauraties all follow the Rules

You can earn too much or you get punished

When you get income you have to wait for cuts

Support for living drops and it gets you sad

Income will still come and you earn extra money

If you are careful you can even save some

If i get a job i with i like it

That case i can continue working properly

Doing nothing is feeling no good

Working has it’s feeling you need no holiday of your own


You ask how are you, i tell my story

You ask how are you, i tell my story

Step by step we go forward, piece by piece we gather

With Steps small and big we go forward

Result is increasing experience

I hear your story

I hear your story

When i learn i share parts of it

Pieces of happiness and sorrow show parts of wholeness

Trust an happiness gathered we go by

So stories of ours continues when we menet Again

You GrowHow Little by Little

From pieces you continue your story

You ask that important question

There you learn that important answer

Even though you gather stories of others piece by piece

Your own story grows with gratitude

Even if your story never gets ready

You will be remembersed in others stories

Remember the trust


I heard an earworm of my own even as cute

It was unclear like Upon heaven

It sung inside of me creating emotions

Time cleared everything settled everything

My mind clear distortion Around me

Voices, words and noise breaks inside me

Years passed by i skill stand it

I see no choice i have to stand it

Thoughts of self destruction are following me

After all that i TaKe care of Myself

Voices Were nice, kind and funny

Trough time i got used to it it was not terrible

I inspirated and have them thanks

For inspired stories i earned not even five bucks.

No harm to me i got thanks from you

When dissapeared

Half years i feared

One year and i got used to it

One and half i got forgotten it

Two years and it came published in a Song

At end i ended this crisis (x2)

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