Able citizen’s in a learning society

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Able Citizens in a learning society

We invite all of you to discuss how we are going to create a learning society as able citizens. The idea of learning and innovation portfolios as leverages of change have inspired a new way to build strategic partnerships in Europe. Kukunori, Christopherus-Haus and Down Syndrome Association of Malta have worked together through several Erasmus+ mobilities. The partnership is now growing together with Malta Federation of Organisations with people with disabilities.

Working with and for people with intellectual disabilities and families have lead the partnership into planning of creating something totally new. A series of CitizenFests around Europe, in Finland, Malta and Germany in 2021 and 2022. 

Using the No Labels No Walls festival method, we are able to bring people together using Culture, Art and Action. Building connections, meanings and directions people can use their own passion for creating a society for all in alliance and in dialogue with others.

During Covid crises people feel isolated and scared. Let’s create hope and unity by calling in the event and discuss what could we do in the festivals. The session will be recorded and the outcomes of the session will be used in the strategic alliance project funded by EU. So let’s make it real together and create No Labels No Walls festivals for 2021 and 2022.

Join the Zoom discussion here:

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