All life is Yoga: Towards Purposive Living by Varun Vidyarthi

19th Saturday


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This is a real life story of how the term “All Life is Yoga” unfolded while working with distressed communities.
The literal meaning of Yoga is to connect : to connect with our deeper self and grow in consciousness. It is a process of looking within that affects all aspects of living. Hence the statement ALL LIFE IS YOGA given by the famous Yoga exponent Sri Aurobindo.

The speaker, educated at elite engineering and management colleges and worked with famous institutions, abandoned a glossy career to work among poor disadvantaged communities in rural India in search of purposive living.
The story describes how he and his wife, herself a university gold medallist and a doctor of Science, faced the challenges of working in a hostile environment, and how they became pioneers of the self help movement that now affects the lives of millions of rural women. They have now guided and trained thousands of facilitators of change in different parts of the world.

This is an illuminating story of working challenges and unfolding of the truth “All Life is Yoga” in the journey of transforming people’s lives. It throws light on how all citizens can participate in the process of making the world a better place to live.

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