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CNF - Community neglects the Facts
Wednesday 16th 18-18.30

CNF Community Neglects the Facts / Creating rap music since 1990

They are NOT back, because they have NEVER left the building! CNF (KRD, MC Reel and ManiacJames) are 30 years young rap group from Finland that have produced their own style of music with a lot of love for the Hip-hop culture.

In 2020 the group have been very active celebrating their third decade of the CNF journey. They have released an EP called HYDRA with 4 songs, and also the Covid19 global crisis inspired the beat wizard KRD to produce a total of 20 remixes from the older CNF tracks, that took the songs to a very different levels. You can hear 7 of the remix versions in this gonzo style made video material. So check it out and when you are in need to know more about these legendary fellas, You can go to their website and also see the frequent updates from their FB page CNFCommunityNeglectstheFacts.

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