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Would you like to do good, better? Meet and connect with other people who share your passion for philanthropy? Then please join our Giving Game!

A Giving Game is an educational activity designed to introduce participants to effective and informed charitable giving. During the Giving Game, each participant is given $10, introduced to 3 featured charities, and asked to make an initial choice on which one they would like to donate to. This is followed by presentations on the cost effectiveness and evidence used by these organisations and group discussions.

Participants consequently make a final decision on which of the three charities to donate their $10 to based on the additional analysis. Daniel Palmer, who donates to effective altruist causes through his education business, will facilitate the workshop on the importance of high impact philanthropy and introduce further resources that can guide your effective giving journeys.

The workshop is kindly sponsored by the Giving Games Project developed by The Life You Can Save:

Join the conversation in Zoom during the event:

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